About Us

Peerless Events & Catering

Peerless Promises Perfection Peerless Events & Catering, LLC (“the Company”) will specialize in the rental of essential event and party equipment.  Located in Detroit, Michigan, Peerless Events & Catering will meet the rental needs for everything from city events, corporate and private events, including weddings and children’s parties – delivering creative solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of a broad spectrum of customers.  

To this end, Peerless Events & Catering will position itself as the go-to provider for rental tables, chairs, tents, catering equipment, inflatables, bounce houses, carnival equipment, and all things event and party related.


Mission statement

Peerless Events & Catering’s mission is to provide exceptional customer-oriented service and top-notch equipment that assist our clients in achieving an outstanding event experience